🏡DEVON COTTAGE 15🏡February 2017

Blog 15 🏡Scaffold is up all ready to make a start Monday 20th, back thatch as you can see in photo is in poor condition now so right time to replace it. Three sides are being replaced, front section is fine. May replace porch thatch too….

The velux windows will be taken out & replaced with all thatch, felt the thatch would flow better as all one piece, the windows are in two of the bedrooms but both rooms have windows so not needed. 

The ‘valley’ section between the two roofs will be repaired with new lead to drain water away properly. 

🏡Great views of the back garden up here🏡

Side view 🌲🌳

Road side view across to church, school & village hall

This is a project running for approx 6 weeks so further blogs coming very soon….🏡