🏡Devon Cottage 21🏡Month of June 2017 – Our MOVING IN Month !

Blog 21🏡  This is the Month we have waited for & by the end of it we’ll have moved in ! 🌞 🏖  🏝

In the garden we moved the ‘Beach Hut/Summer House to the area of the ‘outside toilet’ (Imagine when that was last used ?!)  Made the patio area all clear of weeds & levelled the soil.  

Andy removed concrete slabs, broke them up & put them & the other rubble into a path edge around the hut, to then fill with concrete/sand and finally shingle.  The edges to hold all this in will be sleepers, needing a couple of steps made as hut is higher than patio. Good way to bury the rubble.

Wobbly floor in bedroom is now sorted, can now walk ‘straight’ in the room!🐭 Couple mice nests found when lifted floor 🐭…& very dusty boards ! What a job that was to clear the floorboards to the rubbish tip ! Still have another trip to make but most has gone.

(completed floor photo coming soon !)

Here’s to moving in next, but where’s all our stuff gonna go ?!  Oh well, sort it all one day, maybe when it rains because we’re gonna be at the beach otherwise !! 🏖  🏝 🍦 🍨 🌊 🐾 

🏡Devon Cottage 20🏡Month of May 2017

Blog 20 🏡 Starting this blog with a ‘countryside’ photo from our bedroom window….🐮🐄

Taken out old heating tank cupboard in ‘wobbly floor’ bedroom as not needed….

Beam uncovered & original wall exposed,  new flooring has been started, stripping out the wooden floorboards and repairing couple of supports underneath, treating them and finishing off with flooring, decided on carpet in the bedrooms.

Put up temporary ceiling in kitchen, if you remember part fell down after a bath tap leaking through from upstairs when water was switched on for first time after a year & half being an empty house, soaked through kitchen ceiling and there you go, ceiling on floor !!

This last week of May we thought we should be painting the rest of that outside wall of the house…

but we are only visiting for a day so this is what we decided instead….to get on with the patio area so we moved the Summer House or Beach Hut as I like to think of it ! What a job that was, all in a day ! From one corner to this area was a challenge, emptied it out first ( it’s acting as a shed at the moment ) and moved each panel and put back together in right area…..actually it’s where the outside toilet used to be !

Base down, after removing broken toilet !

All complete !

And the view….🏡

Until next time….enjoy 🏡 Oh forgot one other thing, decided we wanted the pheasants tails up instead of down, they now look happier !!