🏑Devon Cottage 39🏑 November 2018

Blog 39🏑 The smallest room in the house was next to be painted. It’s a built in wardrobe/cupboard off our bedroom. You can step into it but awkward, had a hanging rail & coat hook on back wall, all removed. You’d think just one day all would be done, well it was nearly but didn’t enjoy that, couldn’t work in such small places, I was hot & bothered ! Getting this one painted quickly, one coat ! Laid carpet & sorted !

As we have no loft space, which is good, stops putting up boxes & boxes of ‘stuff’ you never see again, decided to use this cupboard as storage for boxes of ‘stuff’ wanting to keep.πŸ‘ Boxes all labelled so should work out ok ?! πŸ‘ & it did !


🏑Devon Cottage 38🏑 ( 3 years Ago Signed Completion on the House ) October/November 2018

Approaching 3 Years ago we purchased our house……..17 months living here permanently. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ–πŸŒŠπŸΎπŸ“πŸ•

Blog 38πŸ˜‰Still decorating, downstairs bathroom this time with Magnolia colour. Thought it would just take couple of days as it’s a nice square room but a week later nearly finished !

We removed a Roll-Top Bath as we no longer wanted/needed it in the room. In its’ place we have put a ‘tallboy’ cabinet which we found at the local Auction at a very good price to store toiletries, towels etc. Have to next remove the pipework & taps from the bath area so the tallboy can be placed in the corner.

It has new metal legs added & a lovely wax polish to finish its’ lovely look.

Another good bargain for this room were the curtains, needed some pattern to brighten the walls, looking around shopping in Bridport found a pair of used curtains for Β£6.00, yes Β£6.00 ! Needed two pairs for both windows but looking at the curtains they were each made from two so could unpick them & separate. Really made them cheap !

Another item bought was this lovely mirror, matching metal work on ‘tallboy’ & windows.

So remaining work to do to finish this room is to remove the pipework not needed, change the existing toilet cistern,

as you see its’ a lovely old style cistern but VERY noisy, can hear it in bedroom upstairs so quieter one needed !

Painted hall & Boiler cupboard (that was fun !) we were keeping coats and shoes in this area but tight area opening boiler room door so moving into the freshly painted bathroom.

🎨🏑🎨🏑………So which room is next………πŸ˜‚πŸŽ¨πŸ‘