🏡DEVON COTTAGE 53🏡 End April 2020 🏡

Blog 53 🏡 Week 6 of #CoronaVirus Lockdown🏡 Well here we all are still staying at home, hard work but has to be done !! When reading this in a few months time when we hopefully have our lives back, it will be very strange to remind ourselves about how we coped ! 🥺🤔

Found this lovely large metal stable feeding bracket/ hanger at the Auction a while ago, loved it for under the window at front of house & for £ 6.20 including fees at Auction it was a fantastic bargain👍 Managed to get a liner which was exact fit for £12 online, so with the food shopping on our ‘one trip out’ to the Farm Shop, I put some bedding plants in my trolley, thought that was ok to do that as food shopping too ?🏡

Last Blog I mentioned that I would hopefully have my seeds planted but unfortunately my order still waits ‘fulfilled’ status & that will total a month waiting !🍅🌰 Completely understand as they’ve been snowed under with orders, I’ll be on the packing list one day soon.🌼🌻🌹🏡

Peas are growing 👍

So this last weekend was glorious & that dreaded corner of the garden was to be properly attacked & cleared ! What a job…most done by Andy, very hard work but what a difference it has made, lovely & bright. Cannot decide at the moment what we will eventually use the area for, but we do need to sort the compost heap out next so decided will use a compost bin instead of throwing it in a big heap, so an ideal area for that.

Old chicken house/shed falling apart !
Well rotten !
Getting there….
Opened up area
the back of garden from roadside
Left with all this to get rid of…maybe a skip is needed ? 🤣 Think it’s a No….very expensive to hire !

Have been sorting out items to go on our EBAY Shop, as I mentioned before we stopped our shop area at Colyton to concentrate online with Ebay & selling ok at the moment, sort of glad we pulled out in January as customers unable to visit of course at the moment 😮! Luckily we have lots of stock still to go on Ebay as no Auctions at the moment.

My ‘one walk’ earlier today, road empty 🌻

Until next Blog…take care of yourselves


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