🏡Devon Cottage 52🏡 March/April 2020

Blog 52🏡 20/4/20 Start of Week 5 of #CoronaVirus Lockdown

It’s something we have put up with since living here, but the downstairs toilet cistern has been sooo noisy every time you flush it !! It was one of those cisterns that was higher on the wall with a long chain handle ! It had to go I’m afraid, the whole house knew that toilet had been flushed !

Chickens were the second job to be sorted. Decided their run was unmanagable so re-designed it with the co-op outside & connected back through the run which is now smaller. Added some wood beams & ladder inside for their entertainment, they love it ! It has not rained properly for days now so less muddy for them.

Start of the chicken move
Maybe space for a shed ?
Grass at last ! Not for long though !

Next job started at the weekend was the far corner of the garden, it’s never been cleared properly. Look at the photos & you’ll see a very worn out shed or chicken house used by previous owners so that’s coming out ! We are going to completely clear the area, attach new chicken wire fencing where the fence panels have broken. When we are allowed we will maybe have to hire a skip !!

Our friendly Robin always watching us

The kitchen also will be getting a tidy up. Worktops and cupboards will have a rub down & waxed as they are made of oak & solid. Have ordered a scraper thing which you use over the worktops without scratching them. Paintbrushes have come today (thanks to the post still delivering) & have half tin of cream paint left from another job, that will get some walls painted, they are a yucky yellow at the moment !

On our ‘one allowed’ walk

And another thing…..I must stop eating ALL day so hurry up normal life !!

Until next Blog which should include vegetable seeds being planted, they’ve been very slow in the post fingers crossed it’s soon …..take care of yourselves X

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