Devon Cottage 48 🏡🏠🏡 Sept 2019

BLOG 48 🏡 Outside painting this month, YES at last finishing remaining two walls of the house, has always looked finished from the front with side and front painted..sneaky ! ðŸ    Now finished at last, looks so much better & fresher.  Had to scrub the paint drips off the windowsills & windows, always say we will cover the windows with covering so it protects them BUT never happens as such a pain doing it but wasn’t too bad to clean, all done now !! 

Next Job……….finish that 4th bedroom  (1) Alcove to paint  (2) Skirting to add   (3) Carpet  (4) Curtains – bought a lovely set for £ 7.50 but split them for the two windows.  They also have hooks rather than rings on the curtains so found some oak colour rings for £2.50 plus some more on eBay for £5.00 which should work.

Vegetable Plot is nearing its’ end !  Most of the vegetables grew well,  the tomatoes been moved to different part of the garden in their grow bags & pots so catch more sunshine to make them go red maybe !  They are a lovely size tomato but still green & stayed green, shame !  Wonder if I should grow the tomatoes in the little greenhouse next year ?

Last of the carrots 🥕🥕🥕
Spring Onions grew well 🌰🌰🌰

Colyton Shop Space……We are having to store the new items we purchase as no room in the Shop at the moment, we use our dining room with the large table pushed to end of room and bought some more plastic boxes so all neatly tucked away. Sorting & wrapping the items into a box, label & price each item, add Box number to Stock list to keep a track on where everything is at the moment. We had thought of racking around the room and keeping items on the shelves which is fine too but the boxes keep it tidy & dust free ! All ready to go to the Shop…. grab a box or two, sorted !👍👏

5 thoughts on “Devon Cottage 48 🏡🏠🏡 Sept 2019

  1. Wow it all looks so lovely there and you are so settled in and enjoying the life. Well done. Might catch up one of these days again maybe? Angelax


    • Hi Angela, lovely to hear from you & glad you enjoyed my Blog x Yes all good here, always seem to have something to do but enjoying life xx How are you doing, good I hope & yes definitely to a catch up, we must sort that. Did you see my latest Osmond Blog…been to Vegas 2 weeks ago, I went with Sister In Law Helen, her idea, didn’t do Meet & Greet as soooo expensive but did have front row seats, a bit to the side but front row & touched his hand !!!! Unfortunately no photos allowed at the Show !! Have a look at the photos, you’ll enjoy them xx


      • Hello again. Just seen your reply now – wow! To Las Vegas trip. Have wondered if you ever went there to the show. Must have been fab. Will take a look at your Os blog now too. We are all fine and this now includes 2 grandchildren one aged 3 years and one aged 7 months. Wonderful fun. Trust you all well and busy and family too. Not long til Xmas – perhaps you will be up this way in new year and we could meet up again perhaps? Best wishes. Angelaxx


      • Hi Angela, so sorry not answered straight away, lovely to hear from you X 2 grandchildren now, how wonderful. We have our first Grandaughter due any day now, 23rd, very exciting 🎊xxx Yes made it to Vegas…loved it, what a place Vegas is, a different world but would always go there again 👍xx Was always on lookout for Donny & Marie, bit sad eh ! Seriously it was a wonderful hotel & room was fab, weather helped alot, so hot X Let’s make a plan & meet up very soon, would be wonderful to do that, speak soon & sort,
        Take care & love to everyone xx 😘


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