🏡Devon Cottage 28🏡January 2018

Blog 28 🏡A New Year starts….🏡 Seaton Beach looking good🐾🐕 Chickens are still laying, all the books say they take a break during Winter, but reckon as they were late starters –November– then maybe that’s the reason they haven’t stopped ? Grateful to the chickens still for all these eggs🐔🐓🐔 🐓Look at this tiny, tiny egg 🆒🐔 What do you reckon on the weird egg ? Didn’t use it ! 🐓Porridge for breakfast🐔 🐊 🐏🐑Can I say hello 🐏🐑 Lovely Lyme Regis on a calm day..🏖 ☔BUT the difference on a very WET day !!🐾🐕🐶☔ oh dear ! 🏡🌊🐾🐕🏖🏡🐾🌊

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