Honeysuckle Cottage Devon 9🏑 April 2016🏠

Blog 9🏑 Easter holidays are here so Devon here we come !
A busy time:-  look at our new doors fitted last month, front & back, love them ! Make all the difference to heat & light, especially the back door.




Another difference to heat the house is the Aga !  It’s been serviced & cleaned thoroughly & now producing lovely heat after being switched on this week, especially in the kitchen, hopefully heating through the house eventually. Enjoying learning how to cook again ! Instant heat all the time, so cups of tea always ready ! Have put away the plug-in kettle, toaster & microwave not been used all weekend !  Used a toaster gadget on Aga this morning & cooked lovely toast, next step is to bake some bread to make toast !  It will go with the fresh eggs from a neighbour’s hens this morning ! We have the wood burner on tonight & not too bad with boiler turned right down, so ok as it was a cloudy, wet day too !



We have a great table/pool table which has been used alot !  We visited a Furniture Recycling shop locally & found some nice chairs for the table.


Another shop selling antiques & bric-a-brac had a kitchen table, the right size, but a dark colour so it will be a project later to strip the wood & stain it.  


Another addition is a washing machine, only you ladies will understand how important that is !  Have been here for the week so glad it’s sorted !


So until the next Blog…….thank you for reading x

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