🏡DEVON COTTAGE 1🏡August 2015

Blog 1🏡     AUGUST 2015  we found this lovely thatched cottage in Devon & decided to buy it !



The garage needs knocking down due to parking issues, that will clear the cottage side windows & let the sunshine in ! A gravel driveway is planned, it’s a tiny tiny garage, no proper parking in front to fit even my mini on it so has to go !


The garden is very overgrown ! A gardener is booked to clear it so will be much better !


Garden was cleared, looking much better !


Calling a thatcher (Phil) was next priorty, he called round & Andy went up the ladder too in the pouring rain ! I stood under the thatch & discovered that rain pours off everywhere, no need for drainpipes ! BUT the cottage does have drainpipes which are not connected at the top, why ? Maybe not originally a thatched roof ? Looking into that ! We do have to have some work done as thatch is thinning a bit around chimney & back of house so that will be sorted as soon as move in. Fun times coming ! 🏡🏠🏡 XX


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